Corporate structure

The membership of SONARE is composed of individuals and corporations, of unimpaired reputation, and classified by the following categories:

  • FOUNDER – those who signed the society Minutes of Constitution on October 29, 2004;
  • EFFECTIVE – those proposed by Founders or Effective members, who meet the conditions of Art. 5 and are accepted by the Deliberative Council;
  • HONORARY – those who have contributed in any way to the assets of Sonare, to the accomplishment of its objectives or who have rendered relevant services to the musical culture, and accepted by the Deliberative Council as such;
  • CORRESPONDENTS – those domiciled in other parts of the national territory or foreign countries, representing musical cultural value, in accordance with the SONARE objectives, and accepted by the Deliberative Council as such.

May be admitted as effective member of SONARE, any capable individual with reputable and recognized social representation, proposed by a regular founding or effective associate.
The effective member will have his admission completed after payment of a jewel whose value will be established by the Deliberative Council of SONARE.
The proposed new effective member admission will be forwarded through the Executive Board of Sonare to the Deliberative Council for decision.